This week we'll talk about map generation. Fragmentum supports two kinds of maps. Premade maps, and proceduraly generated maps. Premade maps are maps created in the map editor, and are similar to most other RTS maps. They have a predefined size and number of players, as well as predefined terrain features, they are the same from game to game. Premade maps also support scripts. Proceduraly generated maps are maps generated by a lua script. They are given a size and number of players as input. Both can be player made, and both will be available on the steam workshop.
Premade maps can have scripts, allowing custom maps to have gameplay beyond the vanilla of an RTS skirmish. While the scripts are still being developed, they should allow for a wide variety of custom game modes.


Fragmentum has been greenlit! We'll be working over the next few weeks to bring Fragmentum to Steam, starting with a closed beta. Everyone who bought Fragmentum on will recieve a steam key.

Feature Spotlight - Steam Workshop

We're looking forward to being able to provide support a number of workshop items.
  • Static Maps - Prebuilt maps, much like you would find in many other RTS's.
  • Procedural Maps - Lua based procedural map generators.
  • Blueprints - Share your factions and unit creations.
  • Texture Packs - Asset packs to change the look, and sounds of the game.