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Fragmentum is avaliable on

Our store page is now up on!

Fragmentum has arrived

The time has come, you can now buy Fragmentum here, backed by the Humble store. If you arn't familiar with fragmentum read about it here.

Fragmentum is nearly here!

Fragmentum is being released Dec 2, and you'll be able to get it right here! To top things off we are having a release sale! From Dec 2 to Dec 9 Fragmentum will be 60% off! There may never be a better time to buy Fragmentum for you or your friends.


So its been a busy last 4 months, but a release date is in sight. Fragmentum will be launching in the first week of December. More details will be forthcoming.


The Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns for Fragmentum have launched! Check them out. Kickstarter.