Change Log


  • Significant updates to unit pathing and terrain generation
  • Ground unit pathing should be slightly better
  • Added steam workshop support and other steam features
  • Unit completion now based on resource value instead of hp
  • Maps can now be procedurally generated from lua scripts.
  • Many other bug fixes


  • New Map format
  • Improvements to Map editor
  • Various bug fixes
  • Beta support for map scripting


  • improved tool tip for abilities and units in game.
  • Units may now have descriptions added to them in the blueprint editor
  • Enemy factions will have unique procedurally generated units


  • Added more realistic falling effects.
  • Missles have been reworked into morters and now fire in large arc, and have long range.
  • New campaign has been added.
  • various bug fixes
  • 32bit support has been presently discontinued. It may be readded at a later date
  • AVX requirement has been reduced to SSE3 to allow most users to now run the x64 version.


  • Several bug fixes related to AI and path finding
  • Units will no longer be thrown into the air when another unit is built in exactly the same spot.
  • Added a tutorial to walk new players through basic faction design
  • Added several new tools and modes to the blueprint studio
  • In mirror mode, mirrors my be setup, added or removed to build symmetric units.
  • Added a tech tree viewer
  • In selection mode, blocks may be selected and altered, individually, or en mass


  • Added shader support to asset packs
  • Tron pack now has shaders customizing mine, repair, and damage effects
  • Inital support for localization added
  • Partial Russian translation provided, set LANG to ru to test
  • Different fonts can now be specified per language. Font choice for a language is overwritten if a font is specified in settings.ini.
  • Fixed pathing bug that would cause the first commands of a game to path wrong.


  • added asset pack system, games graphics can now be customized with asset packs.
  • added texture support to asset packs
  • added lua based star scape construction to asset packs
  • created Tron asset pack


  • UI buttons are now high contrast
  • Fixed bug with queued orders not being executed after mining
  • Follow order will now also assist unit with current task
  • Rally points can now be set on units in addtion to points
  • Some pathing bugs fixed, new ones introduced
  • Performing an absolute path command on annother unit will issue a ride command
  • File selection UI imroved in Blueprint studio
  • Chat box now autoscrolls


  • Game raphics have been completely redone
  • Game now has a loading screen on start up.
  • Lighting is now based on the visible Star scape.
  • Fixed a pathing issue affecting AI players.
  • Added a graphic effect indicating that a beam or lazor is being obstructed by terrain.
  • When observing a game, the camera will now start focused on a unit.
  • Font changed to Titillium.


  • Camera can now be rotated by holding right click and dragging
  • In game tips have been added
  • Performance optimizations
  • Ground units can now drive over each other. Buildings can be stacked on top of each other
  • Scrap piles are now smaller and stack on top of each other
  • Units selection boxes now better reflect their collision boxes
  • Game now uses Anonymous Pro as primary font. Support for loading fonts added
  • Sound and selection bug fixes
  • Added settings for font size and tips
  • Holding Left Alt while issuing orders will now issue them in absolute mode(no pathing)


  • Started keeping changelog
  • units will now path around terrain obstacles, and up stairs when ordered
  • Starscape ambiance improved with galaxies
  • Lua scripts for AI are now supported in addition to RPN equation files.
  • 32-bit version of demo now distributed
  • Bug fixes for for rare server crash
  • Path finding algorithm improved.