More Graphics


3-10-16 Long overdue

10-27-15 Almost there

A Unit.

A Unit.

A Unit.

A unit.

Key Binding.


a game?.

Placement box.

New Map?.

A Precursor.

9-4-15 month in review

New Map.

Such Stairs.

New island map.

An awful Flame thrower gif.

A better but still bad gif.

Flames are a little too solid.

I need better gif software.

New miner look.

So many islands.

Playing with potential effects for the flamer.

Playing with potential effects for the flamer.

New Map type.

New map without resources.

new look for weapons.

Working on rally points.

I think I was testing AI?.

Probably AI.

Showing queued mve actions.



8-1-15 overdue

New resource distribution.

New resource distribution.

AI at work.

Pathing nodes.

Pathing nodes visualized.

A Large Map (too large).

Only half colored?.

I was debugging something.

Crisper visuals I guess.

New Precursor.

A medium sized platform.

A medium sized platform.

New Citidel map and resources.

New Citidel map and resources.

Colors? Building?.

4-22-15 ??

Stats in the unit builder.

New Unit builder UI.

Redesiging the unit builder UI.

Some gameplay.

New stop icon.

4-18-15 Beams

An Ion beam.

An Ion beam.

4-14-15 Thrusters

A half built unit moving.

A unit flying.

Thrusters in the editor.

White cylinders.

4-11-15 Partial cubes

A circle.

No caption.

Half Cubes, tetras, corner cubes? and a ballish thing.

Half Cubes.

Half Cubes.

4-06-15 Half Cubes

Half Cubes.

4-4-15 UI


a rendered image of the unit to be built.

More space for information, and ability icons.

3-30-15 Terrain




Inverted colours.

3-26-15 Terrain

Terrain in multiplayer.



Started playing with the aesthetic.

3D Terrain.

3D terrain, with broken stairs.

3-22-15 Scap Piles

The Rarely seen scrap pile

3-14-21 The Precursor

The Precursor.

The Precursor.

The Precursor.

The Precursor in pink.

The Precursor in white.


Multiplayer lobby with grayed out fields


New Unit shaders

New Unit shaders


A drop down menu with colors!

The reskinned main menu

The old main menu


Harvest animation version 1.

Havest animation, and a selected unit.


One unit on top of another.


Added arrow to the editor. Tired of building units sideways.

A graphical glitch, no terrain

A wrong sign made units that touch get sucked into each other and spaz out.

3-12-15 Prototype graphics

The blueprint editor.

Still The blueprint editor.

In game with some units, and some resources.

A unit attacking a hydrogen gas cloud.