The Fragmentum Game Guide

In Game Controls

Tab: to toggle camera mode.
ASDW Keys: To move the camera around.
Space, Z: To move the camera up and down.

These keys can be rebound in the settings menu.


  • Annihilation: Destroy all enemy units.
  • Supremacy: Immobilize all enemy units, destroy all repair or construction capacity.
  • Assinate: Destroy the enemy precursor.
  • Blueprint Studio

    To allow a unit to build other units, that unit must have an archive, and repair modules. The archive module controls what units a unit can build. Enter the names of the units to be built under archive data before placing the archive.

    Ion Collectors will not work without an Ion Focus module present, and vice versa. Ion Collectors control the damage of the weapon, Ion Focus determine range. More Ion Collectors mean more damage. Only one Ion Focus can charge and fire at a time, range is dependent on the level of the Focus module.

    The power field allows you to increase the stats of the module to be placed. Most modules scale exponentially.


    There are two types of armor, light and heavy. Each weapon has a light and a heavy dps. Non-armor blocks take the higher damage when hit by a weapon.


    Start Unit: The first unit your precursor can build.
    Precursor: The unit that you spawn with.
    Position: Specifies spawn position. Players with the same spawn position are randomized.


    To host a game UDP traffic on port 21405 must be allowed/forwarded.