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Fragmentum is a 3D RTS game, all units are built from individual modules which control their stats and abilities. Design Units and buildings for your faction, then fight against other players and their factions. Units' stats are dynamically calculated and will change as the unit's individual modules are built or destroyed. Fragmentum was inspired by voxel games such as Robocraft, Starmade, and From The Depths. For Windows and Linux.


  • Design your units in the unit editor. Create workers, soldiers and buildings to make your faction.
  • Wage war in a truly 3D environment, Fight on platforms, tunnels, and new kinds of terrain formations.
  • Resources that are never created or destroyed, only recycled into scrap piles.
  • Dynamic Unit stats
  • A wide variety of modules, so you can build the unit you need.
  • A free camera, command the battle from every angle.
  • An adaptive AI, that can analyse and play any set of units.
  • Unit Design

    Design unique units using cubic modules. Each module affects the units stats, so each unit's abilities and rolls are determined by the player. Arm you units with a variety of weapons, and plate them in protective armour. Given them utility with repair, construction, and harvesting modules. Build a tech tree by deciding how units build other units. Build your faction to fit your play style.


    Do battle in a truly 3D world, complete with height, width, and depth! Toggle between a traditional RTS camera, and a first person camera mode. Command your units from any angle. Use the high ground to get the drop on your enemies. Use tunnels, and platforms to reach the enemy base in unexpected ways. Maps can be randomly generated, or custom made.

    The Precursor

    The precursors are the harbingers of the assimilation wars. These robust war machines carry the necessary components to commence full scale invasion. Each conflict begins with the arrival of the precursors. Throughout the assimilation wars, a variety of precursor models have been used.

    The precursor is the starting unit for each player in Fragmentum. It is moderately armoured, and can harvest, repair, and attack other units. The precursor comes loaded with one blueprint, chosen by the player.